Alisyn 4189 - High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease - 13.5 oz Tube
Part #: 0334189


Alisyn Hi-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease has been specifically formulated to perform at temperatures beyond 600 degrees F. Because of it's synthetic structure and advanced additives Alisyn High-Temp WBG will not melt or run out of a bearing.

After years of extensive research and testing, Alisyn has formulated truly superior high performance synthetic grease for wheel bearings. Offering an extremely wide temperature range and high load capacity. This grease is ideal for high demand applications such as racing, towing, and hauling heavy loads. It also offers a low water washout, making it an excellent lubricant for boat trailer and wheel bearings.

Reduces temperature & friction
Works under extreme temp (-80 to +600)
Extreme load capacity
Stays on bearing longer than petroleum base
13.5 oz. Tube


Lumax - Heavy Duty Grease Gun

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